Accounting Software Training

One of my favourite things that I enjoy as a Bookkeeper is providing high quality training in the use of accounting software for my clients.
As a Quickbooks Online Pro Advisor and also a Xero Advisor, I can help you to find the right cloud accounting program for your business.
Why cloud accounting? Because you spend far less time on data entry if you take advantage of the internet with your accounting software.
Xero has the advantage of providing live bank statement feeds from most banks. This enables you to compare Xero transactions that you have
entered with statement lines from your bank account feed. Quickbooks Online offers a similar service by allowing you to connect bank accounts and
receive a feed of the bank transactions in your account. The method is slightly different to Xero though, in that Quickbooks Online (QBO) is not attempting
to produce a replica of your bank statement, it is merely trying to provide a feed of bank transactions that it determines have not been presented in QBO yet.
As far as support goes, both Xero and QBO have similar, content specific help features. For example, if you are attempting to enter an expense in either program,
you can click on a question mark button to get help and support. Xero however, is second to none however when it comes to product support. If you can justify the higher
price tag Xero (and I mean higher) it is well worth the extra spend.
Please contact me if you need help with learning to use your accounting software. I’m not that interested in making money from selling accounting software. So, I can
save you money on your subscription by providing discounts. I’m more about investing my time in helping business owners to get the most from their accounting software investment.

QBO Certified Trainer

Xero Certified Trainer