New Service: Financial Planing Advocacy



When you need financial advice, unless your accountant holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL), you can’t rely on them to give you the advice you need.

Harvest Bookkeeping Services is a financial services advocate and can arrange provision of the advice that you suggest.  The process is simple. We log in to our online portal of the Financial Planning Advocate and upload your financial details. Being your bookkeeper, the information that you need help with is most likely at our fingertips already and so it takes next to no time. The same portal lets us suggest one or more strategies for you to help you with your financial planning needs.

If the Financial Planning Advocate agrees with your suggestions, they will do everything needed to ensure that the strategy is recommended and implemented in accordance with the law. Sometimes an alternative strategy may be suggested  – basically, we work with you to ensure you get the best of advice. Once the advice is agreed, a statement of advice will be drawn up and it will be reviewed the Financial Services Advocate’s AFSL compliance team and then again by the Financial Services Advocates team of independent lawyers. That’s right: four separate professionals are involved in providing the advice.

This all happens within 24 hours. When everyone is happy, we send you the statement of advice. As their advocate, we present it to you. You then give the go-ahead, and we do all that is required to make the advice happen.

Having you as their financial planning advocate is easily the best way for you to get the financial services advice you need. Having expert knowledge of the financial situation of your business, we can easily refer professional financial advice to you for the same cost of hiring a registered financial planner.

Financial planning advocacy. It is efficient, high quality and it really works!

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