BAS Agent, Bookkeeper and Tax Consultant (for Registered Tax Agent, Etax Local)

Shaun McAtamney: Bookkeeper for Harvest Bookkeeping Services in Stanthorpe Queensland Australia.
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Why you need a contract bookkeeper

Being contract bookkeepers, Harvest Bookkeeping Services has evolved to fill an important industry niche.

Business Activity Statements are too complicated for business owners to complete on their own. Most
small businesses cannot afford to employ a bookkeeper of their own.

If an inexperienced person incorrectly calculates BAS, the business can incur significant penalties:

  • Calculate and pay too little and the business will have a tax bill, and can be fined by the ATO.
  • Calculate and pay more tax than is required and it can hamper the business’s growth.

The upfront cost of paying a contract bookkeeper may seem intimidating to small business owners. However, it can be significantly cheaper than miscalculating the payment due on a BAS statement, or employing a bookkeeper with the kind of expertise contract bookkeepers develop. As a Bookkeeper for Harvest Bookkeeping Services, I only ever charge clients what they can afford and payment for contract work that I carry out is always subject to negotiation.

Degree qualified accountants can also perform BAS services if they have the right registrations.
However they normally charge higher rates than contract bookkeepers because they have additional training and qualifications.

As contract bookkeeping service providers, Harvest Bookkeeping Services can provide expert bookkeeping services to many small businesses at the same time.

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Contract Bookkeeper